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Welcome to the enchanting world of belly dance, where the rhythms of the Orient meet the vibrant coasts of Marbella, Madrid, and Barcelona. With over two decades of experience, I am honored to introduce you to a journey that has been steeped in the timeless art of Oriental Dance.
My dance journey has led me to the grand stages of international shows, where the allure of belly dance has transcended borders. As the proud organizer of prestigious events like Miss Belly Dance Marbella, Madrid, and Barcelona, I have had the privilege of showcasing the elegance, grace, and mystique of this captivating art form. But it doesn’t stop there. I’ve also dedicated myself to the art of teaching, crafting numerous workshops that have left participants mesmerized.


From corporate gatherings to weddings, from private lessons to group sessions, and even unforgettable hen parties, I have had the pleasure of sharing the magic of belly dance with a diverse array of audiences.
Our approach is not just about dance; it’s about transformation. We specialize in tailoring our performances to your event, harmonizing with the event’s color palette and theme. Our goal is to seamlessly blend into the ambiance, from the choice of music to a meticulously curated show itinerary, ensuring that every moment resonates with the spirit of your event.


But that’s not all. We go above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience. In addition to our mesmerizing belly dance performances, we offer a wide array of services to enhance your event. Our offerings include decorating in typical Arabic style, providing chill-out areas, live musicians and sound, and even the option to have multiple dancers grace your event. We also offer Shishas and a Shisha man service, adding an authentic touch to your gathering.
Furthermore, our repertoire extends to include a variety of spectacular dances, such as Shamadan dance, Veil dance, Sword dance, and Moroccan tea service, all designed to add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to your event.
For those seeking a touch of tradition and artistry, we offer exquisite henna services that beautifully adorn the hands and bodies of your guests.

An atmosphere that transcends

Join us as we create an atmosphere that transcends time and culture, where the magic of Oriental Dance becomes an integral part of your special occasion. We look forward to sharing our unique style and guidance, illuminating your event and making it shine even brighter.
Welcome to a world of captivating rhythms and mesmerizing movements, where we turn moments into memories through the art of belly dance and an array of extraordinary offerings that will leave your guests truly enchanted.
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At Belly Dance Marbella, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from renowned agencies seeking to infuse their events with cultural richness to private individuals looking to add an exotic touch to their celebrations. Our versatile performances have graced the stages of top restaurants, transforming dining experiences into captivating journeys through Oriental mystique. We are also privileged to be a part of catering events, where our artistry enhances the ambiance and leaves a lasting impression on guests. Whether you’re planning a grand corporate gathering or an intimate private soirĂ©e, we are here to bring the magic of Oriental dance to your event, making it an unforgettable and enchanting experience. Anandi

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