Oriental Dance Trainings and classes

Belly Dance Marbella has been the driving force behind numerous spectacular Oriental dance festivals throughout the years. While we have currently shifted our focus away from festival production, we are now exclusively dedicated to offering exceptional private and group classes, as well as workshops. Whether it’s for events, private sessions, hen parties, or corporate gatherings, simply inquire for a personalized quote. We remain committed to making your events unforgettable, armed with the expertise and tools needed for a remarkable experience. Although we have paused our festival productions, the possibility of resuming iconic events like Miss Bellydance Marbella and Miss Bellydance Spain is always on the horizon. To make this happen, we are actively seeking the right contacts in TV production and sponsorship. Your support and collaboration could be the key to bringing these prestigious events back to life. Feel free to reach out, and let’s explore the exciting possibilities together.


Workshops in Barcelona’s Belly dance Festival with Randa Kamel Egyptian Oriental Dancer.

More pictures to come

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